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Print PDF-Files to Windows-Printers by calling Ghostscript (Device “mswinpr2”)

Here are some of the possibilities GSBatchPrint offers:

  • Printing of multiple PDF-files from file patterns (sorting by name or date is possible)
  • Allows continuous operation with moving of successfully, respectively faulty printed documents to different folders.
  • Most of the parameters, which are relevant for printing can be supplied as command line parameter or stored in a configuration file
    (paper format, resolution, orientation, colour/black-white, bits per pixe)
  • With a change of the ghostscript device “mswinpr2” (see download area), even the input tray can be set.
  • Additional ghostscript parameter can be set
    (e.g.: Limit the pages that should be printed)
  • A console and a windows version are available.

Unfortunately some disadvantages has to be accepted:

  • The paper format and the orientation should be set and are used for all pages
    (Otherwise Ghostscript will choose a format, which is not always the expected one)
  • The pages are rasterized by Ghostscript for printing. Especially for colour printers this lead to huge spool and print files. The problem can be decreased by reducing the resolution or color depth (therefore not suitable for high quality output)

Here are some samples:

gsbatchprint -P ColorPrinter -F *.pdf -F files\*.pdf -C 0 -N A4 -I Schacht1 -I Tray1 -n -M OkPath -E ErrPath -l -T 10

Prints all pdf files from the current directory and the sub path “files” in black/white  (-C 0)  to the printer “ColorPrinter”. They are sorted by the file names (-n). The paper from an input tray, which contains “Schacht1” or “Tray1” in it’s name is used (First a test for an exact match is performed. If it fails, all blanks are ignored and then a part string match is done).
Successfully printed files are moved to the child folder “OkPath”, faulty printed files to the folder “ErrPath”.
The programm will not end after the printing but retest the conditions after 10 seconds
(-T 10).

gsbatchprint -P ColorPrinter -s

Creates a text file with all paper formats and input trays for the given printer. The result file file is opened automatically.

You can study the manual here:

manual (english)

With the download or installation of GSBatchPrint you accept our license conditions





GSBatchPrint 32Bit (without GS)



GSBatchPrint 64Bit (without GS)



Modified Ghostscript 9.15